On this magical day with the longest night, the winter solstice promises the return of light. Also at this time, the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter unfolding in Aquarius represents a new era and a shift in the way we approach and view the world.

In celebration of these awesome events, we are releasing a new single and music video today called ‘A Never Ending Story’. This song aligns with the themes from the 1984 film, ‘The Neverending Story’.

Both the song and the movie share themes of the cycles of destruction and creation, as well as the journey to true self-government. Birth leads to death and death leads to rebirth. The crumbling of a system leads to the reorganizing of a new one. As we say goodbye to materialism, hierarchical order and external entities that may seek to derail our sovereignty, the current Great Conjunction in Aquarius ushers in a time of innovation, wave-based technologies, autonomy and freedom.

Just as Atreyu did again and again in his long journey to save Fantasia, these Aquarian energies push us to look, not to things outside of ourselves, but inside, for our truth. The dream is ours. The future is ours. Open your hand.

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