We had planned on doing this differently.

We were going to release a 3-song EP straight to vinyl later this year, debuting it to our mailing list members. However, since things are a little uncertain right now, we thought we’d roll it out digitally to get it to your ears sooner. The current situation has created a catalyst for us to release this music now, so we’re going to do it one song at a time.

Dark Crystal is a song that was created with the intention to help facilitate a state of inner calmness using frequency and sound. When the body is in a state of ease, it allows the nervous system to return to balance. Currently a lot of us are stuck in the ‘fight or flight’ mode. Activities such as meditation, yoga, nature walks and listening to music allow the mind to become aligned with the body. Instead of focusing on worry, about what could be, or others’ projections of the future, these processes can bring us into the present moment and centred consciousness.

Dark Crystal will be released on April 22, 2020. More on that soon!