Hello, good people! Our new single, Dark Crystal, is being released tomorrow! Woohoo! In the meantime, here is an image from the upcoming music video.

Do you know about the earth’s natural internet? It’s a global underground network of mycelium that mushrooms grow from and live from. This network supports and allows all plants to communicate with one another by linking root systems. While what we see on the surface may seem separate, it is all connected.

The mycelium matrix holds deep earth knowledge, bringing the proper nutrients to where they are needed, managing resources, facilitating growth and, when necessary, ending a cycle. This holistic relationship is an abundant one, whereas a fractured relationship would create scarcity. Because the plants are connected by this intelligence, they thrive as a collective.

It’s no wonder that mushrooms have been used in shamanic practices to establish a connection with other realms, as well as to see and understand the connectedness of all things in this very realm that we live in.

Whether we choose to see the connection or not, it is there.