How befitting that the day we release our new single, Dark Crystal, is on a new moon that also happens to be Earth Day!

This new moon is in the earthy sign of Taurus, making it a great time to reflect on how we are a part of nature and how we can better connect with the planet.

Both Dark Crystal (the song) and The Dark Crystal (the1982 film) share a theme of wholeness and the holistic nature of reality. Just as the crystal shard had been separated from the mother crystal, darkening the planet, we have been fractured from our relationship with mother Earth. She has been looted, polluted and taken for granted.

Reuniting the fragments of the crystal is parallel to reuniting humanity’s connection with the Earth, the very thing that we need to live and for which we should be stewards.

Tap into those boundless new moon energies today! For us, this music and video are a vehicle for deepening our connection with the planet during these reflective and remarkable times. We hope it can do the same for you, or at the very least, it could be relaxing!

Please share this video with anyone you think may need a warm and fuzzy hug. 

Happy Earth Day!

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