Happy Day of the Goddess!

Friday the 13th is a sacred and beautiful day that has an historic meaning for the Camino Santiago de Compostela, previously known for thousands of years in pre-Christian times as The Way of the Goddess, or simply, The Way. However, in the modern zeitgeist the meaning of this day has become inverted and branded as “unlucky”. There is a hundreds-year-old reason for that – a very dark one which has an interesting story behind it relating to events of the present day…

Friday is the Day of Venus. It’s the 5th day of the week because of the pentagram that the planet Venus makes when orbiting Earth (or the Sun). 13 is the number of the divine feminine and controls time. The moon moves through the sky at an average of 13 1/3º per day. There are 13 days between new and full moons. A season has 13 weeks. Women have an average 13 periods in a year. The list goes on. As we’ve covered in previous entries like this one, Venus and the Moon are sacred symbols of the divine feminine.

Ironically, Friday the 13th is actually a day of reverent celebration for the Goddess and the sacred feminine celebrated throughout the Ages. Friday the 13th is basically a double Goddess holiday and is said to have been revered through ceasing all acts of work in order to conduct acts devoted entirely to reverence for the cycle of life, love, beauty and creation, such as magick and/or making love. Meow!

These black cats were all over Toronto on Friday the 13th. Click here to buy tickets.

Much like black cats (omens of good luck) and witches (natural healers), Friday the 13th has also become misunderstood. It would seem that ‘misunderstanding’ was intentional since the Roman Empire and its cult of the sun outlawed all sacred traditions and lunar cults of the divine feminine. Then there’s the whole violent Good Friday tale following The Last Supper. Ever wonder why there is no 13th floor? It’s because the shadows of the patriarchal Roman Empire that have ruled throughout the Age of Pisces literally fear females and the divine feminine.


Simple: it makes control difficult; unpredictable creativity and connection to the imaginal realm, aka the Other Side, trends towards an embrace of nature, individualism, independence and sovereignty – state mandated GroupThink religion of the patriarchy, not so much. These mothers raise their children in this school of thought, as individual sovereign beings at one with nature and free from religious dogma. This is the largest threat to Empire, even to this day. The removal of the number 13 in society is a not-so-veiled authoritarian attempt to eliminate the frequency of the feminine from existence. In essence, the patriarchal desire is to control human creation and the flow of time. More on that in a bit…

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli (1485)

The divine feminine has been revered for millennia. Venus is the Morning Star, also known as the goddess Isis, the guardian of the sacred and divine feminine Mysteries that have to do with fertility, magick and living resurrection.

There are tales of an ancient Mystery school of the Goddess amongst the sacred stones in Finisterre that dates back to 4,000 years ago. All routes that led to this great spiritual centre became known as The Way. It is well known that pre-Christian pilgrims would follow The Way to the end of the world in order to become initiates of the Goddess at the shores of her sea that marked the entrance to the land of spirit known as Tír na nÓg. Over the years, her name has changed, but The Goddess (in all of her names) was later adopted in the year 431 by the Roman sun cult in the figure of Mary, wearing the sacred blue colour of the divine heavens, the sky, and the water.

A scallop shell, the same kind that Venus rose out of the waters on, was given as a symbol to initiates who had made the journey to the ocean at the end of the world to learn the Mysteries. The path of this study would take decades and involve many a return to Finisterre along The Way. The lines of the shell converging on one point were a symbol for the various routes that led to the end of the world where the most powerful place of Druidic initiation was located. The shell is a symbol for this sacred and divine feminine knowledge of life and rebirth taught at the most Westerly point of the continent, where the sun dies at the Costa da Morte. That is why the sea shell has been used by pilgrims for thousands of years.

Scallop shell we found on the beach of Finisterre

This spiritual popularity was the reason it attracted the attention of the Roman Empire. The Way was recently rebranded, relatively speaking, beginning in the 10th century by Christian missionaries. After Jerusalem was lost to the Moors, Christian pilgrims were diverted for the first time to the ancient path of The Way of the Goddess. By the 13th century, The Way and sea shells had lost their original meaning and had become predominantly commercialized by Christians, as it remains in present day. Any claims of the scallop shell or The Way having an origin in Christianity or with St. James the so-called Moor-slayer are fabrications put forth by The Church in an effort to rebrand The Way and erase the history of The Goddess. Conquering empires always target spiritual centres as a Machiavellian measure to control and rewrite his-story. Ultimately, the occulted esoteric significance of The Way of The Goddess under her Milky Way in the starry sky above was all but replaced by the fictional marketing of St. James.

For those who have eyes to see, further evidence of this symbolic assimilation of The Goddess by The Church are statues and paintings where Mary is standing on a crescent moon (aka Diana’s Bow, pointing at her brother, Apollo, who has set below the horizon). This foundation of the crescent moon reveals Mary to be of the realm of the divine. Other times, the moon is replaced with a serpent, also a pre-Christian symbol for the sacred wisdom of the divine feminine, as we covered in this entry. That’s why snakes have such a bad reputation in the modern Western world of the Empire; it echoes the patriarchal fear of the divine feminine.

Photos we took on the Camino of The Goddess.

The mandorla, aka the vesica piscis (the almond shape seen behind Mary in both the painting and statue depicted above), is another symbol for this divine feminine wisdom. We featured this sacred geometry on the cover art for our single, Vagabond. In this entry about the symbolism behind that artwork, we explore how The Church has assimilated this esoteric symbol of The Goddess and rebranded it as ‘The Jesus Fish’.

The authoritarian desire to overcome the female in both its divine and mortal aspect has been the goal of the unbalanced sun cult behind The Church, a misguided institution at war with the cult of the moon. As Tom Robbins wrote about in the book, Skinny Legs and All, this desire to control literally everything including sexual desire and procreation originates from the lack of a sacred foundational grounding in the divine roles that both males and females play in co-creating life. Instead, the male patriarchy of Empire has ignorantly slipped into the belief that males inhabit an otherwise inferior sexual role, thus the desire to dominate the feminine in order to compensate.

It is this unbalanced and unchecked masculine impulse to control and dominate the feminine that brings us to where Friday the 13th received its reputation for being unlucky and later became associated with campy misogynist slasher films from the 80s as further desecration of The Goddess.

During the Crusades, the Knights Templar were an order that had rediscovered the secret rites and rituals of The Goddess which were apparently buried in the womb of the Earth Mother by the Essenes beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem before their persecution. With this new found sacred and divine feminine wisdom, they called the bluff of The Church just like the Gnostics and Essenes had. The Templars knew that The Pope and his priests of Babylon had absolutely no connection with God or Christed consciousness. They became aware of the grift of The Church – to hide self-gnosis and living resurrection from being practised by externalizing God, The Temple, and The Kingdom of Heaven – was based entirely in misrepresentations of spiritual symbolism, false claims of Christ and resurrection, murder, dictatorial control and profiteering. But the Holy Wars were raging and the Muslim religion remained an existential threat for all of Europe. The Templars offered to keep up the ruse of the Papacy if The Church left them alone to build their Order and practise esoteric Christianity, restoring The Goddess.

The Church had no choice. The Templars prospered and became quite powerful. They taught the rites and the rituals of living resurrection amongst their growing Order and beyond, allowing anyone the gift of self-gnosis. The Templars did so as physically far away from the Papacy in Rome as possible. Despite renouncing all earthly possessions, the Templars amassed significant riches and property through donations. After all, they were responsible for the protection of the pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem, and later, The Way of The Goddess as it became occupied by Christians, rebranding it Camino Santiago de Compostela (The Goddess remains in the title to those who have eyes to see). The Templars built churches and hospitals along The Way, and even invented the first bank in order to protect the precious metals of pilgrims from being stolen by thieves. Templars also helped create the first independent country – Portugal – where they built a temple to Mary Magdalene, the High Priestess of The Goddess.

There are many esoteric secrets hidden within this seal of the first country, Portugal.

The Templars were adored by pilgrim and public alike for the devoted acts of Christ consciousness and reverence for The Goddess. As their reputation grew, so did their wealth: one third of the entire country of Portugal was donated to them, a kingdom within a kingdom.

In the early 14th century, King Philip IV of France, who had hand-picked Pope Clement V, was feeling threatened by this burgeoning force. Part of that threat was Philip IV being substantially in debt to the Templars for his continued military exploits with no way of repaying them. That, and the fabled Templar treasure could fund his political ambitions indefinitely. That said, the following events seemed inevitable…

Over 700 years ago, on Friday the 13th, October, 1307, King Philip IV of France issued the order to arrest any and all members of the Knights Templar. This was only accomplished because he had the blessing of Pope Clement V who had issued a Papal Bull denouncing the Knights Templar. The good fortune that The Church had shown the Templars was intentionally severed on The Day of The Goddess. It was a very unlucky day to be a Templar Knight in Europe that Friday the 13th, a day chosen intentionally in order to send a message far and wide to followers of The Goddess. Dante even reserved a spot in the eighth circle of The Inferno to immortalize Clement V for his betrayal. Friday the 13th was a declaration of war against the divine feminine that wages to this day as mentally and spiritually unbalanced men attempt to replace the significance and role of women as creators of life.

The Execution of Jacques de Molay, Templar Knight Grand Master

The arrested Templar Knights were tortured for years and eventually either recanted or were burned alive at the stake for a litany of bogus charges created by Philip IV, including idolatry (of The Goddess), heresy, sexual deviance, and practising witchcraft. Ironically, these are the charges that could be laid against The Church for its conduct of inverted actions that span hundreds of years since its creation by the Roman Empire as a tool of control.

Many Templars escaped to various locations to continue their gnostic orders under different names, including Kilwinning, Scotland, home of the oldest Freemason Lodge in the world. It is speculated that this great escape of the Templars provided the roots for the birth of Scottish Rite Freemasonry made famous in the creation of Rosslyn Chapel hundreds of years later, before the order was formalized with the creation of the London Lodge in 1717.

Also of legendary status is the Templar treasure that the knights escaped with to various locations around the earth. One tale places part of this treasure on Oak Island, Newfoundland, on the east coast of Canada. Newfoundland also ties into the famous Rosecrucian, Francis Bacon, his plan for a New Atlantis, and the gnostic teachings of Shake-speare which we covered in this entry.

The overt war on women was only beginning with the Friday the 13th assault on consciousness. The dominion over the woman, the core of the family unit, has been the goal of the Roman Empire since its Caesars were initiated into the sacred rights of the divine feminine Mysteries of the Druid Order. After learning The Way of The Goddess and what reality looks like behind the veil, the Caesars decided this information was too powerful for common folk. It presented a threat to the globalist Empire. A conclusion was reached that it was in Rome’s best interest to control this information. The Roman Empire accomplished this by ordering a genocide against its practitioners throughout Europe, much like the Empire did against the Jedi in Star Wars. The old ways of the moon were deemed to be ‘pagan’ and a new religion of Christianity and sun worship was introduced by the Roman Empire in the 4th century.

Intentionally desecrating the significance of Friday the 13th and inverting its meaning is one of many means to this end. The Church only commenced its official war on women with this action. They continued their overt violent assault against them for hundreds of years. Known as The Great Burn, The Church literally burned independent women and healers practising The Way of The Goddess alive at the stake, as we covered in this entry accompanying our cover of Radiohead’s, Burn The Witch.

Our entire western culture has been culturally programmed into consciously or subconsciously devaluing women. We see the pathological obsession of this institutional messaging to dominate the divine feminine intentionally patterned into the black magick of Hollyweird films. Friday the 13th and its slasher spin-offs often feature mentally ill, abused, deformed, or out of balance male characters in the roles of the antagonist. It’s no coincidence that they are often on an unhinged killing spree or incapable of controlling their violent impulses. The victims in these films always seem to feature at least one bare breasted woman. Killing a human is an intentional act of destruction, a domination of the force of life, and an inversion of birth and the act of creation itself.

Since prehistory, women have been the core of the family, and if that reproductive bond is ever broken between mother and child – perhaps by the envisioned hatcheries described in Aldous Huxley’s social commentary, Brave New World – time will literally be in the hands of the state to wield as it sees fit. The minds of the impressionable children will know only what they have been taught. Genetics predictably predestined in a test tube. Not so far off given today’s weird science and CRISPR gene editing technology (also see: Chaos Magick and the cut-up technique).

It’s taken us years of study to unlearn the false his-story largely predicated by the patriarchal Abrahamic religions described by the Gnostics as a product of the Demi-Urge, the Shadow God. Hopefully, this entry has served to open your eyes to the very real horror that has been perpetuated against all humans by a very small group of globalist grifters since Friday the 13, 1307.

The next Friday the 13th is in October, 2023 marking 716 years since The Church worked its black magick. High time we break that spell, don’t you think?