Happy Paranormal Day to people and poltergeists alike! 👻 👻 👻

Original mass market Ouija Board created circa 1890

Everyone knows what a Ouija Board is for some inexplicable reason. Most of us have played with them at one point in our life, to varying degrees of disappointment in most cases (it’s obvious when people are faking phantom). But the times when something totally supernatural or paranormal is experienced through this simple channelling tool of divination can stay with you for a lifetime, or even alter your entire ontological paradigm!

In the spirit of Paranormal Day, share your spooooookiest Ouija Board stories with us on social media!

Norman Rockwell, 1920

Here, we’ll go first… This one is our most intense Ouija Board experience from many moons ago and it synchronously ties in with our new single, Burn the Witch.

It was late at night and we had just finished a day of practising a few songs from what would become our first album, CiRCADiAN, that we were in the midst of recording at Chemical Sound in Toronto. The ‘we’ in question was Tara, Melanie, and Sködt. The 3 of us were working on vocal harmonies for the songs at Tara’s flat in Fergus. Her little witch house/loft (complete with a resident ghost cat) was built on the top of an ice cream shop. Melanie lived next door. On the roof. In a similar witch house/loft with real cats. The two of them had their own little secret sanctuary up there, hidden from the rest of the world while somehow still a part of it. It was as idyllic as it sounds.

We decided to pull out the Ouija Board and see what would happen with 3 practitioners of magick present. The only problem was that we didn’t have one, so Sködt fashioned one out of a cardboard pizza box lid with a marker (not his first rodeo). Normally, he would cut out a matching Planchette, but this time we just grabbed a shot glass and turned it upside down so it would easily slide across the board. We put the makeshift board between the 3 of us, placed our hands on the inverted shot glass and hoped for the best. We had no idea if a home made board would work, but Ouija Boards don’t usually ‘work’ anyway. Little did we know what was about to transpire, or the paranormal implications of non-local information transfer that would ostensibly change our lives forever moving forward! The experience is still crystal clear to this day, like most peak experiences in life are. The following info/story was received over the span of many hours from a very strong ‘presence’ that made contact with us almost immediately. The Planchette was pulling fiercely!


It was the kind of thing that makes your hair stand on end. It described itself as a reclusive and hermetic, aging, overweight, unmarried, and independent black woman who lived alone in the woods hundreds of years ago. No name was given. 

The woman/spirit/ghost told us to make a circle of salt around us to protect ourselves! She then gave us tips for handling the Ouija board and Planchette – to keep them covered and separated from one another and also away from windows when not in use. Why? There was no explanation as to why.

We learned about salt circles of protection… from a ghost!

She then told us this strange story of a day when she was approached at her home in the woods by famous men representing a new government. They wanted her to sew her renowned magick into the design of their new flag to bring prosperity to their newly founded country. 

Terms for her remuneration were made that would allow her to free extended family members from indentured servitude/slavery, so she agreed despite not trusting these men. Materials were delivered and she set out to create the flag.

The flag described to us was made from the most expensive materials she had ever handled. It had a central circle of 13 stars arranged within another larger blue central circle that was centred in the middle of a rectangle of alternating 13 red and white stripes. 

Our rendition of the magick seamstress’ flag design

After a time, she delivered the flag or flags (we weren’t clear if it was one or more) and the gentlemen were very pleased for the flag could be in flown any way the wind blows due to its symmetrical design. She was paid and planned to make arrangements to free her family members the next day. 

That night, her house was broken into, the funds stolen, and she was brutally murdered. Her beheaded body was left sitting on the rocking chair on the front porch that she had sat in while sewing the flag(s). Her murderers were hired by the new government men who commissioned her extraordinary talents. 

Apparently, they were aware of her abilities, but not her power. Betrayed, she cast a baneful curse on the men and their new country before she was killed. We’re Canadian, but there were many details given that confirmed this was some historic version of what we know as the USA, or US, as it’s now known.

The 3 of us hadn’t seen or heard of a flag design of this description before. We didn’t know about the connection of flags featuring red, white, and blue had to ancient Egypt, or the 2 pillars in Kabala and Freemasonry, or the the ubiquitous polemically polarized political parties we find carbon copied in so many countries, yet. The little US history we received in school did not cover much at all except the basics, so we looked up flags with the description we received and then cross referenced it in relation to US history… 

The first flag of the United States of America

Lo and behold, we found one that was almost identical and the story that surrounds its creation is sooooooo eerily similar, if not a cleaned up version for the history books of the bloody version we received! 👻 👻 👻

That experience was such a trip! A group initiation for us into the realm of the unexplainable. We just recently commemorated this adventure with the inclusion of a Ouija Board that Sködt also made in The Initiate’s Intro Pack full of functional technology from our latest EP, The Labyrinth, that you can use to alter your consciousness and interact with the multidimensional aspects of this wondrous world we live in. There is so much more to life than post-modern materialism, man! Life is totally far out! Explore it!

The Initiate’s Intro Pack

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