Technology. WE ARE technology. We possess ancient technologies that we use to learn, evolve, ascend and reach other plains of existence. Meditation is one of those ancient technologies. Conscious breathing is one of those technologies. Drumming is one. Have you ever experienced the profound effects of these practices? Plant medicines and psychedelics are one thing, but achieving altered states all by yourself, using your own tech, is a wholly amazing experience.

Entering into Aquarius energy is very much a time of revolutionary technology, but rather than the grinding and gears of material tech, it’s more about beams and waves. This speaks to both the digital world and the energetic and spiritual world.

Beams and waves move much more quickly than physical material. Already, our communication is no longer restricted by telephones or wires. We have apps for video conferencing and soon we’ll be sending our total holograms across the planet to one another, like Princess Leia.

At least that’s one thing we can do with beams and waves. In quantum mechanics, matter is a wave of energetic potential until we put our focus on it, at which time it collapses into a particle. The thought form of the observer forces the infinite possibility to become a single observable thing which helps us to understand the inherent duality of nature. So having Aquarian energy supporting quantum technology like this opens up infinite possibilities. We can create anything.

This airy Aquarian energy also supports our innate personal technologies. Deeper meditation, stronger intuitive and psychic abilities, astral travel, dreams…

We can send holograms of ourselves across the planet.
We can astral project.

We can upload our consciousness to a box.
We can upload our consciousness into the universe.

As we begin over and over and over again, in this never ending story, we are given that glowing grain of sand and the invitation to dream.