Black holes; The Nothing as personified by science and science fiction. All-consuming. Devouring anything falling into its gravitational pull. Not even light can escape its grasp. We’ve been taught to fear black holes, but the ancients saw them much differently. To them, these collapsed stars serve as the spinal column of our galaxy, holding more than the planets in place. To them, they saw The Empress, birthing matter and waves of time. 

Symbolically, black holes are a temple. They define the undefined. Humanity will one day figuratively mount the axis of a black hole and attempt to enter its narrow gate. Where that leads is very much up to our wildest dreams. Wormholes to new worlds. Dark Matter generators. A protected pocket for civilization. The list goes on. Stephen Hawking theorized that the infinite energy of black holes could power our planet, propelling us into unimaginable worlds of possibility.

Like The Nothing, oroboros, or sulphur and mercury, black holes dissolve and coagulate. They consume matter into their portal to be reconstituted. As we refine our knowledge of the unknowable, we slowly balance the supernatural with the scientific, bickering like the paired gnomes of Urgl and Engywook in The NeverEnding Story. Neither one entirely right, both necessary for a holistic view of our consensual reality.   

The singularity is a mystery that represents our limitations in what we think we understand of Nature and the Universe. That desire to know is what will drive us to overcome our vacuum of comprehension. We move forward pure of heart, like Atreyu, to find what we have always known.

We are on the the event horizon of a new world conveniently thrust upon us in a time of instability. As we head toward the looming Singularity of the Transhumanist movement and the gravitational pull of the dark crystals in our pockets, will we let ourselves be consumed by a technocratic hive mind, or discover a new dimensionality of potential within ourselves to further expand consciousness and sovereignty in ways only imagined?

Beyond the boundary… Beyond reflection.