One to Throw Away

Written by Tara Rice

So god painted her with sore eyes and cold lies
You add a little inquiry
Do you know how to get inspired by these people?
By god, don’t you hate them all?
They’re waiting for the rain cloud
Above my lane in a golden flurry
A bush fire will ignite in the desert and I have
Got one to throw away, I’m a ghost on the highway
When I find the path to love I’ll let you know

No don’t look up
Just keep running
You can’t see anything
We are so thoughtless and careless
Not just to ourselves but toward this planet
We’re the only ones who will take pleasure from
Another’s pain and we shun harmony
To maintain our position on the food chain
If you call that a gain
When I find the path to love I’ll let you know

Do we dare to communicate love?
Do we dare to extend out?
Do we dare to speak our minds?
Do we dare to despise?
If we smile too largely will our stitches tear
Uncovering, exposing whats really in there?

You say I look a little haunted
Like a nameless, faceless, shapeless, shameless little thing
I want to know that for every gesture I make
I don’t need to explain
Time will tell and time will heal
I think thats pretty good for something thats not real
I gasp at the pleasure I get from seeing you in pain
And I shun humanity
To maintain my position in this war game
If that’s what you want to play
When I find the path to love I’ll let you know