Peace of mind comes from a body at peace. As above, so below. Meditation is the vehicle to this unity.

Position is the most important part. Your serpentine spine should be straight, all 33 bones, to allow entrance into the temple that is the mind. Sitting up on a meditation cushion with legs crossed, or even laying prostrate in Savasana, the final resting pose of yoga, will work just as well as sitting back in a chair, feet flat on the floor, palms facing the sky.

Atreyu invokes meditation in the yoga tradition of mountain pose to centre himself before passing through the first gate of the Southern Oracle in, The NeverEnding Story. The mountain, as the highest point on the planet, is a global symbol for the skull, the highest point of the human body. It is the meeting place between the heavens and earth. Still as stone, Atreyu closes his eyes, and breathes deeply while holding the Auryn, summoning up the courage to proceed.

The eastern tradition of yoga often depicts Kundalini energy as twin serpents of polarity rising up the spine like sine waves, intertwined at chakra points of energy that correspond to our endocrine system. They connect the brain with the sexual organs; virtue and vice.  The process of meditation is a tool that allows us to learn how to engage these naturally opposing forces within our own body.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, the Stairway to Heaven, or walking the path of The Way are all allegories for the union of our occult anatomy that creates a chemical process of reversion; the Soma, the Nectar of the Gods, the Anointing Oil, the Mana from Heaven, Fountain of Youth, etc. Modern science explains this ecstatic experience as being caused by hormones released into the blood, in addition to the possible secretion of endogenous DMT.

The Eye of Horus, artistically depicting the human limbic system and surrounding ventricles, is a symbol for the knowledge of this physiological process of self-regeneration. As regulator of the endocrine system, it is the nexus point of the Tree of Life, our circulatory system, and the Tree of Knowledge, our nervous system.

In the stone Temple, the Holy of Holies is the analog for the Eye of Horus, the dark, inner sanctum where information from god, your Higher Self, is received. Just like the relationship between Bastian and Atreyu. The bridge between the divine and mortal worlds.

So, how do you do this? it’s simple. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. That’s all there is to it.

Thoughts will come and thoughts will go, allowing you to see what truly preoccupies your mind. Make a mental note to explore them later, but for now, let them pass. This is not the time for engagement. It is a time for granite stillness.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Ready?

Close your eyes.

*Since writing this entry, we have prepared a couple of guided meditations for you to try out.
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