There are many great tales we are told as kids. They teach us about life, they offer lessons and they can mold our minds, for better or worse.

For us, movies were one of the messengers of these tales, and the 1984 film, The NeverEnding Story really packed a punch. Who didn’t cry their eyes out during the Swamps of Sadness scene or bury themselves in blankets, terrified, when Gmork jumped out of the cave at Atreyu?

We learned about parallel worlds, bravery, loneliness, loss, being true of heart, and that what we do, think and feel really matters. In fact, we learned that our thoughts and emotions become matter, and about the importance of a strong sense of self because what we dream becomes our reality.

We were shown destruction and creation, and even learned the first law of thermodynamics: that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only changes form. It makes a young one consider death, reincarnation, magic, monsters, and even the esoteric nature of what’s ‘reality’ and what’s ‘beyond’.

We have gathered the lessons, themes and threads from this tale, and put them into our own musical world to create something new.

Our new single, A Never Ending Story, will be released on the day marking both the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction at 0º in Aquarius heralding the beginning of a New Age on December 21, 2020. More on this soon…