Sovereignty, the sacred feminine, dispelling illusion, discerning the truth and trusting intuition. These are all very big lessons for little kids, yet they were masterfully distilled and delivered through the story and characters of the 1986 film, Labyrinth. We were those kids, watching the film over and over and over again on analog VHS tape. We grew up and still reflect upon these esoteric teachings that were delivered by puppets. Puppets.

Labyrinth film poster

A labyrinth is often thought to be the same as a maze. A twisting, winding game that leads you to obstacles and dead ends. An active competition with yourself and the architect that engages your logical, analytical mind.

A labyrinth is not a maze or a puzzle, but a piece of technology that was used in ancient Egyptian mystery teachings to alchemically achieve a higher state of consciousness and connect to immortal wisdom. A labyrinth is a walking meditation that has one well-defined winding pathway into the centre and back out again. No tricks, no challenges. The way in is the way out. The only obstacles are those we present ourselves. Esoterically, a labyrinth provides a path to spiral into the core of our being and is a beautiful and simple spiritual tool we can use to balance the mind.

Labyrinth and the Goblin King's castle at the heart of the Goblin City.

In the Jim Henson film, Labyrinth, he used symbolism to illustrate this point. Sarah was simply walking a labyrinth the whole time, along one path with many twists and turns that led to the centre and back out again. The things that became challenges and impediments were her own creations, born out of her state of mind.  

Sarah chasing Toby through the labyrinth.

Walking in a labyrinth keeps the left brain aspect of our mind busy navigating the irregular pathway so that the creative and intuitive impulses of our right brain are conveyed. In this state, both hemispheres come into a coherent state of balance. From this place, we can open up to our own innate wisdom, find solutions to life’s problems and receive messages that help improve our lives. The walk out of the labyrinth is returning from a journey to our deepest self, the hero’s journey.

For the most part, our society champions the active left brain and its aspects of masculinity, competition and the mind. We are culturally programmed to put these qualities of ourselves first, rather than the receptive, feminine, internal and intuitive aspects. 

Sarah, exasperated, standing in a corridor of the labyrinth.

This was the battle Sarah went through in the film when she first arrived in the Labyrinth. She ran down endless, straight stone corridors, only to end up finding that she was getting nowhere, screaming and punching the wall in frustration. She chose pure action, an aspect of masculine energy, instead of also engaging the feminine and reflecting on what could be done. It took talking to a friendly gnostic worm to encourage her to use her imagination to shift her perspective and see that there were openings to the labyrinth everywhere.

There are many reasons to use a labyrinth. In fact, it is helpful to enter the labyrinth with an intention or question. Perhaps you’re seeking a clearer mindset to make a big decision, or you’d like to to connect more with your higher self, or bring balance to your energy systems. 

If you can’t get to a life-sized walking Labyrinth, this technology also works in a smaller form. You can trace your finger over the paths and circuits of a labyrinth printed on a piece of paper or card or this screen. This method of focused meditation still works to unite the hemispheres and alter consciousness.

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