Today we are excited to announce the release of our new single, The Wrong Way! Have a listen…

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The idea of this song was to capture the feeling of being right on the boundary between chaos and control. That place where momentum and inertia make it almost impossible to stop, like running down a hill that’s way too steep. This literally happened to us on the Camino when we accidentally went the wrong way despite being warned multiple times not to, and even given a map how to avoid it.


The process of creating this song was one of order from chaos – an echoing of life, trying to make sense of the world that we’re born into. In the tradition of Chaos Magick, the music was composed using the cut-up technique popularized by William S. Burroughs, where three different versions of this song were cut-up and pasted into what became this final version.

Watch this video for the full story (and a guitar lesson on how to play the main riffs)…

The Wrong Way is the second song from our forthcoming EP, The Wolf, which we’ll be releasing in March 2023. The Wolf is the first in a trilogy of extended plays from a larger body of work inspired by our time under the Milky Way on the Camino Santiago de Compostela that we are calling, Ultreya!

Learn more about it in this short video…

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