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I heavily recommend it if you’re tired of suffering from the Top 40 Blues. 10/10

Christy Somos, Velvet Rope Magazine


A warm, psychedelic embrace and a kiss to your 3rd eye. From etheric atmosphere to kaleidoscopic thunder, no rock is left unturned.

Formed in 2003, Toronto based psychedelic art rock band, 5th PROJEKT has received numerous accolades in the underground and independent music community. Their previous 5 albums have been featured on various CBC radio programs, and Top 30 college and university radio charts coast to coast in Canada. The band has also garnered invitations to music festivals such as NXNE, CMW, Toronto Indie Week, TWiMFEsT, Rockergrrl, Lupercalia, Otherfolk, as well as music award nominations for the Toronto Independent Music Awards, the Ontario Independent Music Awards and the Orange County Music Awards in California. 5th PROJEKTs passion for touring has taken them from Ontario to Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia making new friends and fans along the way.

Their latest extended play, “Gamma-Wave Rhythm” was released in limited edition physical format on September 14th, 2013 marking 5th PROJEKT’s 10th anniversary. After a short tour of eastern Canada in the autumn of 2013, songwriters Tara Rice (vox, guitars) and multi-instrumentalist Sködt McNalty started writing and recording a new full length album based upon their time on the Camino de Santiago. The band played several shows to test out the new material throughout 2014, including a 3 month residency at the Painted Lady in Toronto, where they curated the successful and psychedelic monthly series, Second Thursdays.

In 2015, the band continued to write and record for the new album, while Tara Rice embarked upon the alternative folk festival circuit supporting her latest release, “Panorama”. On the spring solstice of 2016, 5thPROJEKT announced that they had finished recording a new 12 track album, “ULTREYA!”. No release date has been set.


5th PROJEKT ‘Gamma-Wave-Rhythm’

If Portishead and Russian Circles got together it might sound like 5th PROJEKT.

Quite unlike anything I’ve heard lately, and that is a good thing. Their last album (which I tease below) is from 2013. I hope they make more tunes soon!

Had this on repeat in the car the last few days.

Matt Suggests: 5th Projekt
by Matthue Okarmus

5th Projekt isn’t a band you listen to. 5th Projekt is a band you experience.

And that experience is one that can take you on a mind-warping ride with sounds coming from your speakers as though they are painted with an audio brush. A self-described “Cinematic Rock Band,” the duo that makes up Toronto-based 5th Projekt has a lot going on at the moment.

They are gearing up to release a physical format of their latest EP “Gamma-Wave Rhythm” on Sept. 14, marking the band’s 10th anniversary together. It’s when Tara Rice and Sködt McNalty came together to form an act that has 5 albums to their credit and features on Top 30 university charts in Canada.

Following the release, Rice and McNalty plan to tour the Eastern side of Canada to support the EP. If it sounds like there’s a lot going on with the band, it’s reflected in the EP itself. At times, the sounds can be calming and soothing, with Rice’s vocals helping to take you to another place in your head. And just when you feel comfortable, McNalty’s instrumental work crashes you back to reality. Spread over six-tracks, the music seems to feel loud when it’s soft and soft when it’s loud.A personal favorite of mine is “Tonight,” which has an Explosions in the Sky feel to the beginning before becoming something that would fit perfect at the end of an indie film that looks at the back and forth of human life.

“Afrika” is a track that gives the EP a bit of a bouncy lift that would fit right in on a coffee shop visit. “Chaos” meanwhile provides what the title says – a giant melting pot of different sounds converging as one.5th Projekt is ambient, chill-out music with a bit of an attitude and is music that should be experienced, not just listened to.

5th PROJEKT’s ‘Gamma-Wave-Rhythm’
By: Christy Somos of Velvet Rope Magazine


Ethereal female vocals and a tunnel vision precision throwback to psychedelic rock is what marks out 5th PROJEKT’s new album Gamma-Wave-Rhythm from all the other new releases this fall. Unleashed on September 14th of this year, pulls you in and traps you in their unrelenting, haunting and organic sound that mixes lead vocalist Tara Rice’s talents with multi-instrumental genius Skodt McNalty. The band has received incredible nods in the Ontario indie and underground music scene (especially in Toronto) and their music has been featured on many a “top 30″ contest and local radio shows. With Gamma-Wave-Rhythm, the duo  plans a Canadian Eastern tour to broaden their audience. If you haven’t heard their teaser online – head on over to http://5thprojekt.bandcamp.com/ to give it a try. I heavily recommend it if you’re tired suffering from the Top 40 Blues. Gamma-Wave-Rhythm is also available through iTunes.



known for a powerful live show you’d be wise not to miss.

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