03 Glockenspiel

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This song is featured in the award winning documentary film, Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex-Trafficking (2017). The purpose of the film is to raise awareness of the horrors of sex-trafficking and to inspire youth to take action to help prevent and end it. Visit https://stoppingtrafficfilm.com.

“Glockenspiel” from CiRCADiAN by 5th PROJEKT.
Released: 2006. Track 3 of 13. Genre: Cinematic Rock

320kbps MP3

Musik by Tara Rice (SOCAN/ASCAP)


Tara Rice – Classical Guitar, Glockenspiel, Keyboards, Programming

Recorded in the Kitchen
Recorded & Produced by Squirrel and Khitten
Mixed by Ken Andrews
Mastered by João Carvalho

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