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[wolf_column col=”col-6″ first=”yes”]“Terra Nova” from Gamma-Wave Rhythm by 5th PROJEKT.
Released: Sep 14, 2013. Track 4 of 6. Genre: Alternative.



Terra Nova
Opens her hand
Offers you

If you’re willing
An open landscape

Terra Nova
Lush greenery
Rolling hills with
Love and innocence

She sees the lush panoramic scene, and is hoping
We will achieve
Caressed by the dynamic sheen, it’s open
What will you believe

Do you know how far we’ll go?

Do you know how far we’ve come?
Do you know how far we’ll go?


Tara Rice: Vocals, percussion

Sködt McNalty: Electric guitars, fuzz bass, drums, snaps, samples, synths, vocals

Written, recorded, performed and produced by
Tara Rice & Sködt McNalty

Recorded at Studio Organik and Our Living Room, Toronto

Mixed by
Dean Marino
Echo Valley, Toronto

Mastered by
João Carvalho
João Cavalho Mastering, Toronto

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