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It was a deep interest in the effects of cycles and in the ways human individual rhythms interact with nature that ignited 5th Projekt’s debut album Circadian. Produced by 5th PROJEKT, recorded from May-November 2005 at Toronto’s Chemical Sound with James Heidebrecht, mixed by Ken Andrews (formerly of the band Failure) and mastered by Juno nominee João Carvalho, the album takes on the themes of balance and discovery.

The CD album is limited to 1000 copies, hand packaged in circular aluminum tins with circular bound book liner notes & lyrics. Less than 200 physical copies remain.

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Anything with a hint of prog I usually like. “In a Coma…” has traces that made me think of comparisons to a bands like Muse and V.A.S.T. while Paulo compared it to the likes of Mew. Either way, they are complimenting comparisons.

Limited Edition Cinematic CD packaging, 12 page round book w/lyrics, liner notes.
320kbps MP3

Released August 29, 2006
Recorded May-November, 2005 at Chemical Sound in Toronto, Canada
Additional recording at Umbrella Sound in Toronto, Canada


Tara Rice – Voice, Words, Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Glockenspiel, Keyboards, Programming

Sködt D. McNalty -Electric, Acoustic, Backwards & Bowed Guitar, Voice, Words, Field Recordings, Keyboards, Programming, E-Bow, Gna Gna, Glockenspiel, Wood Blocks, Pint Glass, Percussion,

Peter Broadley – Bass Guitar

Nathan Kaye – Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Djembe, Shakers, Tambourine, Cabasa


Melanie Knight – Vocals on “Las Ventanas,” “Skepticosm,” “3ight Word5,” “Broken Like This,” “Resistance”

James Heidebrecht – Backwards Piano & Backwards Guitar on “Broken Like This”


Engineered by James Heidebrecht
Additional Engineering by GVB & Neil
Mixed by Ken Andrews
Mastered by João Carvalho
Produced by 5th PROJEKT (“Broken Like This” co-produced by James Heidebrecht)
Kreative Direction & Design by strange//attraktor: