Today, Saturn enters into Aquarius and will stay there until March 2023.

This is precursor to the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction, which happens on our winter solstice this year, December 21st. Great conjunctions occur almost every 20 years, symbolic of the never ending story of death and rebirth. It is said that this conjunction occurring at 0º in Aquarius will revolutionize society. It’s the beginning of a new era!

Saturn is Father Time, associated with discipline, rules, responsibility, structure and limitations. It is known as the great teacher and wants us to grow up. For close to 200 years, Saturn has almost always been in earth signs with an emphasis on the material world. For the next 200 years or so, its energy will be in the air signs, focused on humanity, instead.

Capricorn has been the home of Saturn for the past two years. During that time, it has been our task to learn everything we could about control, rules, ambition and hierarchy. In other words, we were to become masters of all things Capricorn.

Saturn is now beginning to shine its disciplinary light on the air sign, Aquarius, pushing us to dive deeply into Aquarian qualities, like community, technology, revolution, innovation, autonomy and freedom. The shift from Capricorn to Aquarius is major!

With Saturn in Capricorn, we learned about top down rules and structures, but Saturn in Aquarius brings a whole different kind of order where there is no hierarchy and the authority is the individual. It’s you.

What do these Aquarian qualities look like in real life?

It looks like abandoning the false perception of freedom one gets from being a ‘badass’ without any sense of purpose or responsibility, for the true freedom that comes from being a badass with purpose and self leadership.

It looks like not giving power to outside governing entities, and instead, looking for answers within our own selves with trust, leaning into our dreams.

It looks like getting out of a ‘groupthink’ mentality, where there is a need to follow the herd and do what is expected in order to feel accepted, and instead, understanding that we are all connected. It’s being able to see what’s good for the collective, without sacrificing individuality.

Atreyu went on a journey to save the collective of Fantasia. Not to earn anything for himself or be given anything. He accepted the job with his full heart, holding strong to his truth and identity, and along the way, underwent many challenges. Perhaps the most harrowing being the test of whether he ‘felt his own worth’ and could pass though the sphinxes and on to the next phase of the journey.

The mad scientist character, Engywook says: ‘Let’s see what he really thinks of himself.’

I wonder how we’d do with that test.