Written by Tara Rice

You’ve got sugar in your tongue tonight and a sweetness in your hair
Yet, you still try to psychoanalyze the things that vanish into thin air
These banterings cover all sides of the sphere like the universe to you
Yet, I am the fool for being free of a skin but still right here
What is it that you want me to learn from you?

I see a mist around the moon tonight and I don’t think it’s a ghost
A fortune teller read my hand and I think it could have been a hoax
Suspicion is a common custom, truth often needs a test
Shall I let myself believe that I am only worth my weight in flesh?

If you want love you need only lift your dress
And to start with, peel off all divine evidence
A pocket full of stones have forgotten what they’re for
And another spider’s crawled out of the drain again

That love is an emotion doesn’t sit well with my gut
That love is simply a chemical reaction is not enough
Civilization has reduced the ocean down to salt
And white has become so refined, it’s essentially not