Hey friends, here is a screen grab from the music video we’re working on for our upcoming single, Dark Crystal.

The sun is extroversion, self expression and the action and focus to fulfil our desires. It represents the external world, while the moon represents the inner world.

When there is a solar eclipse, there is also a new moon. Symbolically, the new moon represents fresh energy and the chance to imagine life anew. It’s the time to not only set intentions internally, but to also take some initial steps.

So during a solar eclipse, when the earth, the moon and the sun are all perfectly aligned, and the moon is blocking out the sun, it’s like we’re being asked to consider a different route to our goals and desires. To imagine a new path to reach the light.

It’s very much like the times now. Our patterns and paradigms have been shifted or shattered. Something has shown up and blocked our usual path and way of living. We’re figuring out how creative and resourceful we actually are and how many possible roads can lead to our goals. And for some of us, it’s not just the route thats changing, but our hopes and aspirations entirely. We are finding where our excitement truly lies.

These changes can strengthen and evolve us, and like the power of a beautiful solar eclipse, they can open up our visionary hearts and minds to achieve realities we never thought possible.