Did you see the symbols that were hidden in plain sight of our music video for Burn the Witch?

We didn’t occult the vast majority of the symbolism this time like we did with our music video for The Labyrinth. Perhaps that’s why we were asked a few questions on what some of the overt flashing symbols meant in this new vid and why we included them? Well, as the old adage goes…

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Venus Rose (The Pentagram of Venus)

42 seconds into the music video, the following screenshot flashes while Tara is singing, “stay in the shadows”. This mystical astronomical pattern has been known since prehistory, although in this case, it’s from a 17th century illustration of Venus orbiting Earth over an 8 year period. Although this is a geocentric model, the same pattern holds true of a heliocentric version with Venus and the Earth orbiting around the Sun over the same 8 year period. Pretty neat, eh?

This example of sacred geometry is created from 5 full 18 month orbits of Venus to create each pedal of the rose and there are 5 pedals to the flower. Isn’t it odd that in numerology, 5+18=23 which reduces to 2+3=5? After all 5 pedals are formed, Venus returns to the beginning of the pattern to repeat it again. See for yourself in this short animation…

So why did we include this symbol for this song? Ancient cosmic knowledge from around the globe has been in the crosshairs of the un-Holy Roman Empire for almost 2 millennia. The outbreak of the Black Plague prompted a full on hundreds-year long brutal and fiery genocide campaign by The Church against women and healers known as The Great Burn, echoes of which exist to this day (we covered this in a previous entry you can read here).

Hundreds of years ago – staying in the shadows was a survival mechanism to ensure that the human body of ancient knowledge and sacred feminine wisdom survived the authoritarianism of The Great Burn. Today, The Great Awakening threatens the very establishment that was used to hunt and eradicate that sacred knowledge.

The Triple Goddess

At 52 seconds into the video, a symbol known as the Triple Goddess, or The Maiden, Mother, Crone is flashed across the screen after the line, “This is a roundup”. The 3-fold moon goddess can be traced back to time immemorial, historically associated with Hekate, and later, The Fates of the Orphic Mysteries which were echoed in Macbeth by Shake-speare. This is a traditional symbol for Wiccan and neopagan witchcraft so often maligned by both The Church and Hollywood (for profit, of course). It represents the 3 stages of life of the womban who is ruled by the moon and its moonthly phases.

The waxing crescent moon is symbolic for the early life of the maiden or virgin when the light is just entering the celestial body. The full moon represents the mother, pregnant with the full light of life and creation represented by the menstrual blood and its cycle ruled by the moon. The waning crescent moon is the phase where the light is leaving the celestial body, much like the final life stage of the crone during menopause whose matriarchal wisdom, sacred knowledge, and healing secrets are revered by the community.

This sort of life-learned knowledge and generational wisdom inevitably leads to personal sovereignty that is taught to family and friends. Matriarchal sovereignty has always been an existential threat to patriarchal authoritarian grifters and spin doctors throughout history, present day included.

Water and Fire / The Sacred Feminine and The Sacred Masculine

At 1:42 minutes, the alchemical symbols for water – an inverted triangle – and fire – an upright triangle are briefly shown as Tara sings, “If she floats, she burns”. We mentioned both of these symbols before in our entry about the symbolism from our music video for Labyrinth.

The first aspect is the alchemical elemental symbol for water, the downward facing triangle, the chalice, and is also associated with emotions, the subconscious, the receptive, the sacred feminine and the female body. The symbol is in the shape of the female reproductive organs that allow life to be carried into this world. And it also looks like the shape of the molecular structure of water itself made up of 2 hydrogen molecules connected to a single molecule of oxygen! Far out!

The second aspect is the elemental symbol for fire, the upward facing triangle, or phallic Apollonian energy of the sacred masculine, the male body, action, the conscious mind, and thought. The chemistry of fire is also based on a triangle of oxygen and heat combined over a base of fuel.

Fire is an active element, and in the case of The Great Burn, The Church used it as the intentional alchemical symbol of purification, although burning women alive at the stake is an overtly black magick blood sacrifice ritual. It is entirely and ironically Satanic in nature due to its inverted, unbalanced and destructive capacity against the sacred feminine and the women (and men) who embodied its wisdom. In a balanced esoteric or metaphysical study of these symbols, the goal in a regular energy practise is to balance the divine feminine energy with the divine masculine energy that is inherent in all of us. This practise leads to access of the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The Circle and Pentagram

1:57 minutes into the music video, as Tara sings, “abandon all reason,” the circle and pentagram are briefly shown. This is a classic symbol of divine harmony, balance, and protection. The shape of the pentagram is derived from the orbit of Venus, as described above. The Druid’s Foot, or upward facing pentagram is a symbol for the morning star, the awakened human, and the right hand path that reveals the secrets of the mystical 5-fold elemental nature of our perceived reality and the vibratory influence of the music of the spheres.

The symbol has been used for thousands of years and is commonly associated with Wiccan and neopagan witchcraft in modern times. In Sumerian culture, it represented the goddess Ishtar in her warrior aspect. According to legend, it was the Seal of Solomon given to him by Archangel Michael as protection from daemons/lower dimensional beings. Freemasons call it the blazing star, representing regeneration and the mystic centre of being. To Pythagoreans, it represents the marriage between heaven and earth (2=feminine, terrestrial and 3=masculine, heavenly) as the number 5 symbolized the cosmos reflected in the human mind and body. As above, so below. Da Vinci symbolized this relationship in his Vetruvian Man illustration, wherein he also encoded the secrets of The Great Pyramid by using a circle, as did the mythical bard, Shake-speare on the Sonnets title page (which you can read about here).

A circle is a form of protection and a symbol of divine perfection and complete unity. it is the only geometric shape to be entirely uniform at all points and without a single division. The circle can also be a sphere and is universally representative of the cosmos, as seen in the celestial sun, moon, and Zodiac of our galaxy. The cosmic circle has been echoed in every form of human creation and ritual around the planet. We still subconsciously do this when we sit around a fire. This shape is also associated with the spiritual realm and it is because of this that it offers protection from any lower dimensional entities.

There seems to be a lot of ignorant superstition and misinterpretation surrounding the use of both the Druid’s Foot and especially the Goat’s Foot, or the downward facing pentagram. The best-selling propaganda from both The Church and Hollywood have claimed that this left hand path of the evening star has to do with Satanism or inversion, and in one aspect of self-fulfilling pop culture, that has become true – all magick is based upon intention. Blood sacrifice that takes a life breaks the 8 words of the Wiccan rede of, ‘if it harms none, do what you will’ and murder is an inversion of fertility. Fertility?

Historically, the use of this symbol outside the influence of The Church and Hollywood has to do with fertility rituals, sexual pleasure, and the goat as a symbol for virility. Dionysus, Pan, and even Amalthea, the goat nymph wet-nurse of the Greek god, Zeus, whose horn of plenty was the Cornucopia of legend, are all symbols of the virility of nature. Prudish cults of belief that seek to dominate the mind-body-soul connection have abandoned all reason by entirely denying the carnal aspects of human nature. These organized authoritarian patriarchal religions evolved to see goats as lewd creatures, their uncontrollable winter lust a symbol for giving into the earthly pleasures of the flesh.

Our bodies are wonderful multi-dimensional living temples of sensorial experience and there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasurable physical aspects of our animalistic nature. There are multidimensional Tantric sexual practises that make use of this energy. It is absolutely necessary to harness this kundalini energy in order to achieve transcendental states of consciousness. We urge you to learn and explore for yourself. Life is waaaaaay more fun if we embrace and embody these energies with those we love, isn’t it?

The Eye of Horus

The classic Egyptian Wedjat, more commonly known as The Eye of Horus, appears at 2:03 after Tara sings, “avoid all eye contact”. This is another symbol associated with protection and the moon and ties into its own myth as the eye of the Egyptian god, Horus, that was destroyed and ripped into 6 pieces by his uncle, Set, but restored by Thoth, the god of wisdom often associated with the moon (more commonly known as Hermes, or Hermes Trismegistus). There are several accounts of which eye was destroyed, although in the western tradition, it is often told as the left, associated with the sacred feminine and the moon. This restoration myth is the reason for its use as a symbol of protection from the Evil Eye.

The Eye of Horus also refers to the All Seeing Eye associated with the third eye of the Pineal Gland. Author, Gary Osborn first uncovered this in the artwork of the ancient Egyptians. Animator Chance Gardner and illustrator Brad Klaussen confirmed this Rosetta Stone to ancient Egyptian didactic art with their own discoveries that linked biological anatomy and art of the ancient Egyptians. This topic is absolutely fascinating to us and is waaaaaaayyy too vast to cover here. If you’d like to learn more about this, we highly recommend that you check out the Magical Egypt series, a treasure trove of knowledge compiled by some truly magical people!

The pineal gland is the area where kundalini practitioners focus their balanced masculine and feminine energies. This point of anatomy has been called the seat of the soul and is celebrated throughout the ancient world symbolically by the pine cone, a symbol for enlightenment. The Church also symbolically celebrates this anatomical area as can be seen in the Court of the Pinecone at the Vatican. We featured a pinecone on the cover of our extended play, Gamma-Wave Rhythm, which refers to the brainwave pattern of one of the highest states of consciousness. The pineal gland and the surrounding limbic system of the brain is often referred to as the sixth chakra, the gateway to the higher dimensions of our consciousness.

Any individual who activates their 3rd eye and achieves enlightenment becomes a sovereign being by default if they weren’t already, so it’s easy to see why this anatomical structure has been overlooked for centuries outside of the occult – it poses an immense existential problem to authoritarian grifters. That may be why fluoride is used in Western nations under the auspices of the public health authorities to benefit oral health (despite many studies that prove it’s entirely ineffective and dangerous), as it calcifies the pineal gland and disrupts the endocrine system, preventing any contact with the higher dimensions of consciousness. We recommend refraining from ingesting such neurotoxic industrial waste, for “drinking fluoridated water as protection against tooth decay makes about as much sense as ingesting sunscreen to protect against a sunburn.” Use a filter designed to remove fluoride and other harmful chemicals present in tap water that also disrupt the endocrine system and the chakras.

Try This At Home, Kids!

Here’s something for you to try at home. This quick exercise is something you can do to develop your 3rd eye over time. It is practised by many initiates of multiple practises, including witches alike.

Find a place that is absolutely pitch black where you can open your eyes and see absolutely nothing in front of you. Someplace like a closet or basement, or ideally, an iso booth or float tank. You can use a towel to block any light from below the doors if required. The place has to be absolutely pitch black for this to work (this is why new moons are favoured for spellcasting). You can also use a sleep mask, provided it allows you to open your eyes without restriction.

Stand or sit, it’s up to you, just make sure your spine is straight and you are safe. Speaking from experience, vertigo can occur in pure darkness, so don’t stand at the top of a stairway, or anything absurd like that. Time also begins to distort in absolute darkness, so it’s best to set a timer for this pineal gland meditation. You can start with just 5 minutes, but take as much time as you’d like. Begin by slowly breathing in through your nose and out again through your nose. Repeat this and relax as completely as possible. Keep your eyes wide open. All 3 of them. What do you see?

Collective Vision by Alex Grey

There is no wrong answer here. It truly depends on your state of mind and your vibe, literally. When we are anxious or stressed or our mind is on runaway mode, nothing happens. However, when we are relaxed and do this exercise, any variety of things begin to appear for us. We’ve seen all sorts of things, from simple washes of colours (like psychedelic hot oil slides), to complete and animated sacred geometry patterns, to full-on psychic visions, to faces – both human and alien, to creatures/entities, to actual interactions with multidimensional beings!

Be mindful of discernment, for what you come into contact with is what you attract with your conscious vibration. If you are ruled by your lower chakras, you will likely attract lower astral beings which some folks refer to as daemons. These creatures will tell you all sorts of bullshit to inflate your ego, or some of them may try to scare you or fill your imagination with all sorts of horrible images. Don’t waste your time with these sorts of energies. A great way to discern what the intention of an entity you come into contact with is to outright ask it. Ask if they are of the light, and if not then demand that they be gone. A great way to insure that you don’t meet such beings is to be mindful of your mind, body and spirit as a temple. Reduce the amount of pollution you ingest. This includes processed foods and excessive drugs or alcohol, as much as it does pornography, violent movies and videogames, or watching the news. You are what you eat.


Well, that rounds out the main 5 elements that we brought focus to in our music video. We’ve created artwork for Burn the Witch that represents the Great Awakening of the Ages. A rekindling of the ancient sacred flame or fire which can also be interpreted as an awakened ajna/3rd eye required for an ascended consciousness. Combined with the triple goddess, the artwork represents a collective rebirth & return of moon magick and reverence for the sacred feminine. You can get this artwork on your own T-shirt, tank top, or long sleeve shirt at our store or by clicking the images below.

One Last Thing…

There remains a hidden ubiquitous aforementioned element that has been creeping throughout the background of society and our music video is no exception – The Evil Eye. CCTV cameras are everywhere and the first step to implementing the technocratic panopticon digital ID system envisioned by the latest authoritarians on the street. These invasive little devices have become part of the background in urban centres and its surrounding sprawl of consumer culture. We carry 2 of them around on the spiPhones in our pocket. Cameras that track our every movement are so omnipresent, they are almost invisible. They’re even in our music video for the song, Burn the Witch. Did you see them? They always see you – unless you cover them in spray paint!

Well, that concludes our Burn the Witch symbolic spill session. We hope you found some of this interesting, if not informative in some way. We’d love to hear what you think about our music video, so please share your thoughts with us in the comments on YouTube and hit subscribe to be notified of future videos.

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