How would you feel if you had just spent a year working out a project that included writing & recording songs inspired by influential childhood films which you can still recite line by line – films that helped shape who you are as a human being to this day – if you heard that Netflix was doing a prequel series to one of those favourite films? 

You would smile, broadly. Your heart would start to race. You would swear aloud thrice. You would feel the synchronicity in every atom of every breath. You would wonder why the song of the spheres has aligned in such fashion…

We are huge fans of Jim Henson’s, The Dark Crystal. So much so, that we wrote and recorded a song we’ll be releasing on one side of a limited edition 7″ transparent vinyl in the very near future. The songs were mixed and mastered earlier this spring and the artwork was just completed over the summer. Our next step is duplication.

We’ve been working on this project for well over two years, so you can only imagine how much we freaked out when we heard that Netflix was doing a prequel series to one of our favourite films (and one of our new songs, coincidentally). Talk about synchronous!

Speaking of which, when we set the series trailer on top of our song to see what it would look like, the timing was already so ridiculously close that it made us pause in awe…

How could the lyrics match up with the visual cues of a trailer we had nothing to do with? Why are there so many scenes matching the beat of our own drum? Did that drop of harvested energy just match up exactly with the introduction of the shaker?! Is the series named after the last song from our album, CiRCADiAN? JK about the last one, but WTF?!?

We ended up nudging some frames here and there and extending the final scenes a bit just for fun. We’ve been enjoying The Age of Resistance and we’re sure you have been, too. As we turn closer to our own release date, we’d like to present you with a taste of our forthcoming song, Dark Crystal, which has nothing to do with this new series other than sharing some strangely synchronous timing as inspired extensions of Jim Henson’s esoterically rich cinematic masterpiece, The Dark Crystal.