Hey friends, here is one last screen shot from the music video we’re working on for our upcoming single, Dark Crystal, before we officially release the song tomorrow!

A lot of people have begun to plant gardens to grow their own food. The current state of the world has opened a doorway to more holistic ways of thinking and being. Steps are being taken toward sustainability and personal sovereignty.

When we plant a garden, we tend to it, we make sure to provide the proper soil and nutrients, we plant in a sunny area and make sure the plants get water. We do our best to ensure that the garden is nourished and produces strong and beautiful vegetation, that in turn, nourishes us. We give and take, ebb and flow in a continuous and symbiotic cycle of sustainability.

Just as we are conscious of what kind of nutrients we are feeding the garden, it is important to be conscious of what we are feeding ourselves. This comes in the form of food, yes, but also thoughts, feelings, moods, energy, media consumption, what we watch on television. The state of our mind/body is a field of energy that we offer to the world, and it is the energy that we get back in return.

Sovereignty is the self-governing of one’s own mind, body and spirit. It’s being able to decipher between the madness going on around us and how we really feel. It’s knowing who we are, despite the spin of media manipulation. It is discerning, in a world of technological surveillance, how to maintain our right to personal privacy. It’s listening to all of the versions of ‘truth’ out there, and understanding that the real truth is a deep knowing inside of us that we just have to tap into. It’s making our own choices and taking responsibility for them.

How can we make our lives have more flow and less waste? How do we support ourselves and one another in a more local, community minded sense while nurturing the earth and deepening our connection with nature?

What do we want to feed the field?