Get ready for an adventure, friends!

We filmed this cinematic journey in three different sessions, each one separated by years, but not by design. The UniVerse has a funny way of working, and as we’ve explained in past entries, we had originally planed on releasing this music inspired by our time on The Camino years ago. For reasons beyond our mere mortal comprehension, the music of the spheres was playing a different song.

The first video recording session was shot during our time on The Camino, and we certainly filled up our phones with footage almost immediately. We had yet to learn the art of finding the pace. The second session was filmed during our recording session with our friend and drummer, David Pake. We’re both multi-instrumentalists and have played or programmed the drums on the other songs from The Wolf EP, The third and final film shoot was just done a few weeks ago in our rehearsal studio. Would you believe that our single light source was a bare bulb from living room lamp with the shade removed? We used that to help create the ’emerging from darkness’ juxtaposing the light and inky blackness that we may have used a velvet backdrop to exaggerate.

Originally, Sködt had edited the footage from the first session, marrying our footage from The Camino to the final master of the song. That was sooooo many moons ago. It sat half finished on the metaphorical shelf of creation, collecting metaphorical dust and awaiting the final recording session of the missing performance footage. Many a lunar cycle would pass before we had the time to finally shoot it. It’s been a busy year and half releasing both, The Labyrinth EP, and our extended play trilogy of interpretation, Emergency. Check those out if you haven’t heard them!

Well, that’s all for now, folks. We’ll keep this entry short, as the video is a 9 minute trip. We hope you enjoy!

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