What does today’s heavenly alignment have in common with John Dee, William Shake-speare, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Today, June 24, 2022, marks a rare 5 planet parade across the pre-dawn sky, an alignment that hasn’t happened since 2004 and won’t occur again until 2040. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have all aligned in their orbital order from the sun. The moon even joined in this cosmic arc as a stand in for earth, playing 3rd rock from the sun.

The celestial parade of the planets on 6.24.2022

These 7 celestial bodies in alignment from Sun to Saturn also correspond to the various 7 chakra centres of the human body. As above, so below. This 5-planet alignment with the sun and moon is a reminder to align our external actions with our internal values and desires in order to achieve the future that we envision. In the past, this day has been used to do just that with the intention to raise the collective consciousness. Historically, June 24th held a great deal of significance, but we’ll get to the curious fact shortly…

In esoteric traditions, the purpose of various meditation, breath, or yoga techniques is activation or excitement of these 7 energy centres of the subtle body. This activated serpent energy is called kundalini which lies dormant in the root chakra until awakened, rising to climb the spinal column up to the crown chakra. This process of energetic alignment of the subtle body is said to stimulate the Endocrine Glands and the movement of spinal fluid of the physical body. According to tradition, this alignment of the 7 energy centres activates the pathway to enlightenment, a multi-dimensional awareness or connectivity with the Universe, and the achievement of a higher state of consciousness, or personal gnosis.

In these traditions, the human body is a reflection of the heavens above where it stands to reason that the Universe goes through similar states or cycles of consciousness as our body. This is the fractal or holographic nature of our reality. These cosmic cycles of rise and fall influence the collective consciousness of the populace and civilization as a whole. Think of it as a day time for action, representing activated kundalini and higher states of conscious awareness amongst the public, and a night time for rest, representing dormant kundalini and lower states of conscious awareness in the public. Plato called this cosmic cycle, The Great Year, with civilization rising to the heights of consciousness for an enduring golden age, like Atlantis, only to eventually slip into the darkness of iron age ignorance to have to find the way out again to repeat the process. Today, this cycle is referred to as the precession of the equinoxes, a roughly 26,000 year period that our earth goes through due to the wobble of its axis (we feature this precessional cycle in our animated music video for our song, Aria).

The precession of the equinoxes

This ascent and decline of civilization dates back to prehistory, and can be found encoded into written and oral myths and legends from all around the world. Occultists have known of this cyclical rise and fall of consciousness, and of the influence the heavenly bodies have upon the human body. This information has been passed down through the ages in the form of Astrology, the mother of all sciences.

Dynastic Egypt, a font of divine wisdom, foresaw the eventual downfall of their epic civilization with this knowledge. They prepared for the inevitable decline of consciousness by tracking the celestial alignments. They ensured the ancient wisdom of The Golden Age would survive the test of time by engineering instructional temples out of the hardest materials available, the most famous being the Great Pyramid. These lessons in stone contain the encrypted secrets of an enlightened civilization that we are destined to understand during our ascension of consciousness. Perhaps today’s planetary alignment marks that day?

This IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius after all, and although the sun of the water bearer has yet to crest over the horizon (according to the ancient tradition of sidereal astrology) we are collectively beginning to receive the energies of its spiritual truth. As Aquarian light brightens the darkness on the horizon, we are beginning to align our collective consciousness on the path to our awakening after being asleep, divided and ruled for so very long.

This brings us to someone who was awakened to all of these events a long time ago. An occultist and mathematician who studied the planetary alignments and constantly aligned his actions with his desires to help usher humanity into a collective higher state of consciousness. And he used June 24th to do it, curiously.

Why June 24th? Although we use a different calendar today, hundreds of years ago, June 24th used to be the day of the Summer Solstice on the Pagan calendar, a day marking the longest hours of sunlight and the least amount of darkness. Symbolically, this day marks illumination and the highest degree of consciousness.

In 1584, June 24th was the day John Dee and his partner, the psychic/channel, Robert Kelley claimed to have received contact with a multidimensional angelic being named Ave, who communicated the Enochian Tables. Dee had to keep this information at the time hidden, else he be burned at the stake for practising witchcraft (a topic we just explored with our single, Burn the Witch). The tables communicated on 6.24 coincidentally consisted of alignments of 624 characters. Curiouser and curiouser… 

Enochian Tables consisting of 624 characters communicated on 6.24

Who is John Dee? As we explored in a previous entry, John Dee was the inspiration for James Bond, as Dee was the original 007, a spy for Queen Elizabeth of England in addition to being her royal astrologer. He was also the inspiration for Shake-speare’s Prospero.

Not only was Dee a master cryptographer, utilizing a network of spies, but he also covertly employed channels or psychics to scry using a dark crystal, or black mirror, much like a powered down spiPhone. Using this tool like a crystal ball, scryers were able to receive non-local information – just like the CIA’s declassified Cold War remote viewer program, Stargate Project which began in 1978 and was used to explore Mars, amongst many other things. On several occasions, Dee and his psychic cohorts received their non-local information from multidimensional beings that we call angels. The entire Enochian Vision Magick system was communicated in this fashion from the angelic realm via Kelley to Dee.

We featured the Sigillum Dei Aemeth from this magick system on the The Labyrinth EP artwork that we used for our song, Dark Crystal. The song was inspired by the esoteric Jim Henson film, The Dark Crystal, that featured a rare celestial alignment of 3 suns as part of a prophecy that would heal the damaged Crystal of Truth in order to usher in a new age of higher consciousness across the land of Thraa. It’s clear from the film that John Dee, his magick and his mysticism was an inspiration for Henson in telling the story of this film.

Artwork from The Labyrinth EP – The Sigillum Dei Aemeth

John Dee lived in the Age of Enlightenment, on the edge of the Age of Magick and the Age of Reason and was the mentor of Francis Bacon, both of whom not only belonged to the Rosicrucian order, but were the leaders of the movement, Dee passing the title on to Bacon. The order preserved the divine wisdom of The Mysteries and worked behind the scenes to create the conditions necessary for building an empire great enough to colonize consciousness. Dee called this envisioned colony of peak consciousness the New Atlantis.

After Dee’s death in 1609, Bacon carried on Dee’s original vision of creating a New Atlantis by laying the plans for colonizing North America and it appears he was successful. On the east coast of Canada in New Found Land (an island full of Templar treasure tales), they commemorated 300 years of this empirical plan with a 6¢ stamp back in 1910 dedicated to “Lord Bacon – the guiding spirit in the colonization scheme”. Bacon even authored a post-humous, and as such, unfinished novel entitled, New Atlantis, a Utopian fiction in 1626 full of a lifetime of Rosicrucian philosophy distilled from his mentor.

In order to create this new empire founded on enlightenment, Dee and his protege, Francis Bacon – an illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth – were part of a group called the Knights of the Helm, including amongst others, Bacon’s half-brother, Edward de Vere – another illegitimate son (and lover?) of Queen Elizabeth. This group was responsible for revolutionizing the English language that would be required for the commerce and culture of an empire by creating the plays of William Shake-speare and encrypting them with sacred knowledge of The Mysteries for future revelation.

Symbolically, the Guradian of the Mysteries, Apollo/Athena, is encoded everywhere throughout Shake-speare’s published works, including the name of the mythical poet himself. Athena was known to the Greeks as the Spear-Shaker. By shaking her spear of truth, she would dispel all illusions of ignorance. Her helmet was a symbol for the acquirement of ancient wisdom of the divine sacred feminine and represented illumination. She was a muse to many, including Francis Bacon.

Pallas Athena, The Spear-Shaker, Guardian of the Mysteries
(Title-Page of Bacon’s 1641, Wisdom of the Ancients)

Historically, the complete works of Shake-speare have been falsely attributed to the illiterate, William Shakespar through a clever ruse conjured by adepts, polymaths, and master cryptographers of the Knights of the Helm hundreds of years ago. The propaganda of this ploy has been parroted to present day by academia whose coveted tenures and best-selling books, based on nothing but a confidence hoax of opinionated conjecture, coincidentally depend on for their relevance. It’s a classic case of conflict of interests.

Ironically, these so-called literary ‘experts’ aren’t able to explain why the greatest writer in the world who apparently revolutionized the English language in the span of a few years never wrote a single letter to anyone, or a poem, or even a word, much less a single sentence, let alone a play or manuscript. Aside from the printed portfolios, there is no written form of any of Shake-speare’s works. That’s curious in and of itself, don’t you think?

Oddly, Shakespar didn’t go to school and he didn’t own a book. Both his wife and children were illiterate, as were his parents. His will mentioned nothing of his works at all and he never once claimed to have written them in his life. From the few marks (often used by the illiterate instead of a signature) attributed to Shakespar, his varied and awkward scratches reveal that he wasn’t even accustomed to holding a pen, much less writing with one. Isn’t that strange for the greatest writer of all time who knew the intimate inner workings of the royal court and the law? How do you square that circle?

The peculiarities only begin with Shakespar’s illiteracy. There are many books that have gone down the rabbit hole rich in revelation – one of the most famous being Mark Twain’s, Is Shakespeare Dead???? This short account is the conclusion of Twain’s rather exhaustive quest to uncover the true identity (or identities) of one of his literary mentors. The more one looks into Shakespar, the more obvious the ruse becomes, as we’ve seen with all tall tales built on a house of cards these past couple of years.

However, for those with the eyes to see, John Dee’s methods of encryption, including the Enochian Tables of 624 characters delivered on 6.24 and the repeated use of the number 624 to create encrypted alignments throughout the Sonnets – including the Summer Solstice 6.24 date of Midsummer’s Day featured in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream that predicted Edward de Vere’s future 6.24 ‘death’ in 1604. This is in addition to 426, the mirror of 624, and Dee’s 007 code name as well as his last name were all used to conceal information in the works of the mythical playwright, his gravestone, and the monument dedicated to Shake-speare, as the modern cryptographer, Alan Green has uncovered. WARNING: the following video explaining all of these connections to the alignments of 624 has the potential to blow your mind!

Pretty trippy, eh? If this is all new to you and sounded crazy at first, that’s understandable. But, perhaps you are now open to entertaining the idea that Shake-speare was simply a conceptual nom de plume, or pseudonym for the Knights of the Helm, a group who were interested in aligning their actions with their desires by creating a society with a higher degree of public consciousness and coherence in order to create the New Atlantis initially envisioned by occultist, John Dee and set into motion by his protegé, Francis Bacon, the son of Queen Elizabeth, the so-called, Virgin Queen.

For those of you still on the fence about any of this, here comes the mic drop…

The title page of Shake-speare’s Sonnets holds the encryption of at least 12 higher mathematical constants, such as the radius of the earth and moon, the speed of light, Pi, Euler’s Number, and others, many of which were hundreds of years from being historically ‘discovered’ at the time of publishing. The Bard – an order of the ancient Druids – also encoded the exact location of the Great Pyramid of Giza despite the fact that the problem of determining longitude wouldn’t be solved for over a century after publication. Why the Great Pyramid? Well, if you thought it was far out that these constants appeared over 400 years ago and no one has noticed them until recently, hold on to your hats because these same 12 constants that are hidden on the cover of Sonnets are also encoded into the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt! This living temple of stone was a teacher to the Knights of the Helm (de Vere cryptically carved his name at the entrance), and they are letting you know that by encoding all of this information hidden in plain sight on the title page of Sonnets. It’s right there. Do you see it?

Any luck? No? That’s okay, we haven’t lead you this far to leave you hanging, but it is going to take 10 minutes of your time to watch this face melting, mind bending, paradigm shifting explanation by cryptographer, Alan Green as to how all of this was encoded and deciphered.

WARNING: You may never look at the world the same way again after learning about this. It will very likely alter the fundamental belief of everything you have been taught about history. Buckle up!

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


This incredible display of encrypted wisdom and knowledge of mathematics learned from the encoded architecture of the Great Pyramid is not limited to Shake-speare alone. The famous Italian renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci lived a century before Francis Bacon and died a decade before Dee was born, yet somehow he possessed the same secrets as they did. Da Vinci, like Dee and Bacon, was also a Rosicrucian, student of The Mysteries, and master cryptographer, writing all of his journals in mirror script to act as a security measure, presumably.

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

As Robert Grant has revealed, Da Vinci also encoded the same 12 higher mathematical constants into his most famous image, the Vitruvian Man circa 1490, that are encrypted in the architecture of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, although Da Vinci did this over a century before the Knights of the Helm published the works of Shake-speare.

But Da Vinci also encoded the myth of Osiris/Isis/Horus and a perfect blueprint of the Great pyramid itself, suggesting hidden chambers yet-to-be uncovered, and the pyramid’s correspondence to the 7 chakra systems of the human body. In this drawing, Da Vinci has solved the alchemical problem of squaring the circle, balancing the sacred masculine (square) with the sacred feminine (circle) in order to achieve the perfect alchemical union.

This wedding of sacred balance brings us back to the beginning of this entry and the importance of aligning the chakra system of our subtle body with the actions of the physical body in order to attain a higher state of intentional coherent consciousness so that we can create the world that we envision. Together we can awaken in this dance to realize that we have the chance to consciously create a new and higher order of civilization than the institutional corporate vampirism of the robber barons we’ve experienced over of the last few centuries. It’s up to each one of us to realize this in order that we claim our individual sovereignty as we collectively move out of the divisiveness of the Age of Pisces and prepare for the collective Kundalini Shakti, or serpent power, of the incoming Age of Aquarius. There has never been a time like now!

This is the reason why we made the artwork for our new EP, The Labyrinth, a tool to help you achieve coherence and a higher state of consciousness. You receive the same meditative benefits by running your finger through the labyrinth to the centre and back out again as you would if you were doing the walking meditation on foot – minus the physical exercise, sunlight, and fresh air.

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We’ve also created a 15 minute introduction to guided meditation as well as a 10 minute introduction to vocal toning meditation for anyone who wants to start taking steps toward this new future today. Let the sun shine in!


The Apollo/Athena archetype that was muse to Shake-speare and Bacon alike, was also present in the esoteric Jim Henson film, Labyrinth that inspired our new EP, The Labyrinth. The Goblin King, Jareth, played by David Bowie, was an archetypical androgynous embodiment of Apollo/Athena.

Jareth’s appearance as this archetypical character in the subconscious realm of Sarah’s dreamscape during her alchemical transformation from girl to woman reveals the full depth of Jim Henson’s mastery of storytelling and his understanding of the human psyche explained throughout the study of The Mysteries. We covered that in a previous entry which you can read about here.

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