What do The Dark Crystal, Black Mirror and James Bond have in common? The connection lies in magick rituals.

Magick rituals have commonly been portrayed with a dark point of view in pop culture. The television witches and warlocks gather outside under the dark moon, cackling their evil spells to do the world harm. In The Dark Crystal, the Skeksis use magick for selfish purposes, creating Crystal Bats to scry and spy on the populace of Thra, much like the way the NSA does with the black mirrors (smartphones) in our pockets.

In practical use, magick ritual is simply a set of alchemical tools that help us to grow and expand as people. It can help us to transform our character from lead into gold, from water into wine. The dark moon is a new moon, a time symbolizing new beginnings, potent with fresh receptive energy, so yes, magicians, as the active principle, use this powerful time to cast their spells. It’s when all possibilities are possible. By understanding magick and its symbols, we can define our future. We can manifest.

So what does this have to do with James Bond?

The character of James Bond is based on John Dee, a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, alchemist and trusted member (spy?) of the court of Queen Elizabeth I. He was the most educated human of his time and the mentor to Francis Bacon.

He signed his name ‘007’. 

John Dee and his psychic partner, Edward Kelly, received a symbol called the Sigillum Dei Aemeth (the symbol depicted above) in a vision while in a meditative state. This symbol is a sacred geometry based on the number 7.

As the story goes, along with the vision of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, Dee and Kelly received instructions for its use as a tool, in conjunction with others, to help achieve communication with higher and lower dimensions. It was explained to them that the magician should place a dark crystal on top of the veiled symbol and focus attention and awareness into a space of infinite possibility. In doing so, the magician would be able to communicate with the multi-dimensional consciousness of nature and the beings that have been called angels and archangels, to seek information and guidance. The dark crystal, or black mirror, was used as a tool of divination, like a crystal ball, to see into future timelines.

Through these tools of magick and ritual, John Dee envisioned a new Atlantis. In this time while we are on the threshold of moving toward a society that we all envision, perhaps that is what we are creating now. What do you envision in our new society?

Everything is magick. Thoughts become things, just like vibration becomes matter. Words are intentions that hold powerful frequencies, rippling out further than we realize. Words and thoughts of clear intention followed by action are the ultimate, simple magick ritual. 

Music is magick. Each song a spell. What else would you call something that can completely transform your emotions and state of being? Music is an alchemical tool that we use everyday.