As famous as the Sphinx may be, the Sphinx temple that it guards is relatively unknown despite its age.

The weathering of water erosion reveals the Sphinx and its temple to be at least 12,000 years old, predating Dynastic Egypt by thousands of years, completely rewriting history in the process. The unique style of megalithic architecture and incredible scale of the blocks used to construct it are rare, yet identical to several other ancient sites found all over the globe. Our modern technology couldn’t even create these. A testament to our unexplored and unacknowledged past.

In The NeverEnding Story, when Atreyu entered the ancient temple on the shores of the Sea of Possibilities he was confronted with an impossibility illustrated upon the walls. All of his previous experiences that we watched him undergo in the film were depicted in the old temple frescos as if they had already happened in antiquity.  

The cognitive dissonance that accompanies such discoveries can be impossible for some people to overcome, clinging to their existential ideologies for survival. Old patterns repeated.

Initiates, like Atreyu have no choice but to accept the information presented before them upon their path to understanding the laws of nature. The Upanishads echo this synthesis of a middle path and the importance of rejecting a polarized view of life.

Our mind is the inner temple where Gmork and Atreyu meet in battle. Energy goes where attention goes; a lesson Atreyu and Bastian learned at the first gate of the Southern Oracle. That is why temples are a place of silence and reverence, where negative thoughts are left at the door. 

Temples are a sanctuary where we push beyond the boundaries of the known world. The body is as much a living temple as the stone temples dedicated to the principals of nature. The dawning of the sun awakens the temple, while the moon puts it to rest.

DMT production in the brain, responsible for inducing psychedelic visions, functions in the same capacity. Ancient temples were created in specific locations, using precise proportion and harmony to amplify this known aspect of the divine human body as a tool for Initiates to explore their relationship to the Universe.

“A pool of possibility,
A deep memory,
Have we seen it all before?
Is there more?”