Good evening! Here is another screen shot from the music video we’re working on for our upcoming single, Dark Crystal.

We are facing the unknown. This might feel different and intense right now, but we have always been doing this in every moment, every day. It’s just more apparent now that our regularly scheduled patterns and programs have been brought to a halt.

In every instant, there is a vast landscape of potential waiting to be filled with our thoughts, intentions, feelings and actions. It’s a giant cauldron where we get to cast our spell, creating our reality.

People who play in the creative arts may already feel at home with facing the unknown, as it’s a daily practice. There is a constant feeling of trekking through new terrain as the voice of the divine calls you forth. In this space, anything can happen. Being aware of and trusting in that call is an innate ancient technology that we can all tap into.

A paintbrush hits the canvas and becomes a work of art. A new idea for melding flavours becomes a delicious meal. A floating melody in the mind moves the hands to the strings and we play. We play with the flow, however it wants to be expressed and however we want to express ourselves with it. We are all creators.