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Once upon a time, I made a music video for the new 5th PROJEKT single, The Wrong Way, that I co-wrote with the talented Tara Rice to convey an adventure that the two of us found ourselves embarked upon wherein we nearly got ourselves destroyed into tiny pieces of yuck by accidentally going “The Wrong Way” on The Camino, careening uncontrollably down an insanely steep mountain slope in the Pyrenees we were warned not to take and were even given a map so as to avoid but obviously failed to – complete with 20 pound packs on our backs to add to our momentum with no chance whatsoever of stopping and a very high probability of breaking every bone in our bodies if we even entertained the thought of trying to do so, which explains why we called the song, “The Wrong Way” and it sounds like you are being warned not to run down a cliff face whilst you are in the midst of running down said cliff face, for it’s autobiographical after all. It was during this time of adrenaline-fueled existentialist ennui that I perfected the art of the run on sentence simply because there was no time to stop and take a break for the precision of proper punctuation or even an envisioned essence of editing the events that we were experiencing for fear of running face first into a tree trunk or being swept away by an annoying Imperial Eagle who seemed to be circling ominously overhead as if to preemptively claim our soon-to-be carcasses in some sort of silent stalking raptor version of “shotgun” with the other birds of prey, alerting them that we belonged to the big mac daddy flapping its feathers about over our heads with the sharp claws and razor beak glinting in the sunlight, which served as an ongoing reminder that run on sentences were the only way to keep my mind off of such macabre manifestations such as surviving a head on collision at 90 miles an hour with a one hundred foot tall tree only to enjoy involuntarily attending the literal last supper of this earthly existence with some stinking buzzard where I would be not only its esteemed guest, but its’ dinner, too, and all of this misfortune only on our second day of The Camino – what a rookie move! In short, which is the opposite of this post, I had no idea how to go about attempting to create this feeling of juxtaposing the unbounded freeform freedom we unexpectedly felt even as our legs spun wildly and independently of their own accord to keep our teetering totality from tipping over into a titanic tailspin of ass over bloody tea kettle and our minds from minding our own mortality, and so I did what anyone attempting to recreate controlled chaos by living through a moment of such tempestuous trajectory would do in an effort to express that exact endorphin-engaged energy to others without the requirement of a) asking them to huff three pounds of the finest Colombian blow that money can buy from the CIA, or b) running down the side of a cliff face to their imminent doom: I learned how to make a video game so you could experience it from the comfort of your own living room because who wants to run down mountainsides dodging boulders and trees whilst being chased by hungry birds for fun, right? One day soon, you will be able to play this simple and silly pseudo 8-bit runner to kill time whilst waiting for a bus, or the world to change, but until that time, dear friend, you can watch this aforementioned music video TONIGHT created from the very video game in current development that will bring literal sweat to the pasty pink palms of your hands and feet as you try to navigate the precarious precipice, just as we did many moons ago when we went The Wrong Way!

*cue fireworks, music, and dancing cat memes*

Tune in tonight at 8pm here for the WORLD PREMIERE:


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