Everything is frequency and vibration. Sound, light, the chair you’re sitting on, you, me, our thoughts.

In music, harmonic notes played in unison create a chord. That chord creates a pleasing sound that resonates. If we chord discordance, using notes that aren’t harmonic, it creates dissonance which can be unsettling. This is true in life. If we are projecting distorted thoughts and feelings into the world, we can produce events that are along the same wavelength. Harmonious, loving thoughts and emotions can vibrate into melodious experiences.

All in all, we get to choose the song that we want to compose. It’s all meant to be played with, harmonic or dissonant. Songs are spells that use waves and frequencies to augment the emotional, mental and physical dimensions of the listener.

We can use music to modulate our own vibration. Feeling overly wired and anxious? Turn on something soothing and chill out. Or if you’re especially lethargic, a song with an upbeat tempo and some groove will pick you up. The frequency of the music interacts with our own frequency and ‘tunes’ us to something more harmonious.

In The Neverending Story, Atreyu managed to have sublime focus most of the time. His heart resonated strongly with his truth, his mission and his love for Fantasia. His song was one of strength and compassion. In moments when he doubted himself, his situations turned to reflect his faltered focus. Morla, The Ancient one blew him off. The Sphinxes opened their eyes.

Vibration is the language of the universe and it is listening. What song are you singing?